She was fiery with this kiss as she had been with our first and my body responded in kind.Both of our bodies squirmed and wiggled, with each giving in...o the lust. I barely noticed my arms being pulled off Clare's back, but my focus remained with the kiss. That was until I felt the touch of cold metal followed by the sound of a loud click. Breaking away I looked up and Elise was standing there smiling at the two of us in our entangled state. She had handcuffed my hands to the headboard of the. " Polished your windows?" Cum on them," Gemma laughed as she adorned her other leg with a stocking. I shrunk in embarrassment and sat down at her dresser."Oh god," I blurted in despair."Never mind, there'll be other times, you were my first choice," she beamed as she took a chair at the dresser and took out some lipstick.I sat back in my chair and relaxed. I was Gemma's first choice, what more could I want? I looked at her as she leant forward and made a ring with her lips and applied her. ‘Just a little high from the drinks.’ And at that very moment I felt Aaron’s engorged cock begin to pulse and throb and suddenly begin to flood my pussy with what seemed like endless gallons of hot, burning cum. Each forceful burst of his semen deep in my very, very receptive cunt drove me to paroxysms of pleasure. I had to lower my head again to muffle the most extraordinary climax I have ever experienced. Like miles away I seemed to hear Pattie saying ‘Oh, yes, everything is fine, really. Look Simonds, I know you think you are some big dignitary or big wig whose brush with death should be headline news, but to me you were just another paycheck. And a small one too. Fucking woman didn't even give me the bonus she wanted because there wasn't a body," he replied."So then someone paid you pretty shittily. What else can you tell me that would convince me not to shoot you in the name of self-defense?" I said."Self-defense? Shit! You're the one with the gun to my head, I'M the one who.

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