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“Oh I love watching you do that! “ I say. My voice is different now – we both hear it. There is awe in my voice. “And I love watching you watc... me,” you reply and we both thrill at the huskiness of lust now modulating your voice. You stroke your clit and labia and inner thighs with your hips now joining the dance. As the egg ventures still lower on your body, moving gently, furtively towards that pink rosebud I know that once it’s inside your bottom I’ll just lose it. My pants are coming off. ”Rosie said, “A dwarf! Really? Why would a man...” She broke off and looked at Cayuse. Rebecca was studying me.Emma grinned, “You ever been with a dwarf, Flint? No, don’t answer that! Better to maintain the family tranquility.”Molly and Riles laughed. Rebecca and Rosie continued to stare at the male contingent.Stumpy’s real name was Delores Gundy. Like Patcheye, she came up here from Denver. Even standing up, she barely came to my waist. She had the sweetest face, like a little girl. Although. Her heart started to beat faster wondering what he was going to do next. She reached into the bowl for a handful of popcorn and found his hand doing the same. They laughed and took some out of the bowl. She looked over at him and saw that he was moving closer again so she scooted into him, closing the gap between them. She felt his hand start to caress her hair and she leaned into his shoulder. His other hand moved her face to his and he kissed her gently. “I’ve never felt like this for. After I fed the machine again I told her I was going to go to the next booth and let her suck my cock thru the gloryhole. I went out and closed the door and heard her lock it. As I was turning around I saw some guy go into the next booth. I thought to myself “she’s in for a surprise.” I waited around for several minutes and then he came out. As he turned the corner I tapped at the door and she let me in. “You sure cummed a lot” she told me. I didn’t have the heart to tell her it wasn’t me. Then.

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