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‘You are a very pretty girl’, she said, ‘and I think you have the poise and figure to carry these off – in fact, you would be quite stunning i... them.’ Well, I did have a fairly full figure for not-quite-seventeen, with breasts and buttocks that were well-rounded and not an ounce of excess weight anywhere on my body. My tits and ass looked larger than they were because I had a small waist and because I liked to wear tight-fitting jeans and tops. I’m not a natural blonde, but my hairdresser. She moaned. I found her clit and flicked it several times with my tongue. Her body shook. "Oh, yes, right there. Do that more. Suck it and lick it." I ate her out till Carrie had a hard orgasm and drenched my face with her girl cum. Then I stood and placed my steel hard pecker to her opening and shoved. She was tight but so wet that I easily went full depth the first push. "Oh, yes, fuck me hard and deep with that wonderful big cock of yours, Mr. Wilson. Fuck me hard." I held her. We can only assume that the general in question was in fact General Baron. That they have access to anti tank weapons is also frightening. We don't know anything about them. Who they are. How come they have access to anti tank weapons? Also, if they do have access to that weapon, what other weapons or materials do they have access too?" General Avery finished a little grimly."I don't like that either General. I also don't like the idea of an organization second guessing the US Government. Am I. I like my whores feisty." Alright, enough fooling around." Stacy clapped her hands. "You two, get your asses in the kitchen. Rattle those pots and pans ... And no fucking! Don't you cum, bitch!" Yes Mistress," Bitch and I nodded and agreed together.I always did the cooking and the cleaning and whatever else Mistress Stacy wanted me to do when I stayed with her."What are we doing?" Bitch asked me as soon as we were in Stacy's smallish kitchen. He was walking pretty gingerly, but my boyfriend.

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