As we continued our sixty nine I found myself staring up at her crinkled little anus. Remembering her admiration of my finger play back there I pushed...her body forward and spread her cheeks. Her mouth was pushed from my dick and she returned her tongue to my balls. I planted soft kisses up her pussy lips and around her little hole. I circled her ass with my tongue getting closer and closerOhhhhhhhh!” Her pleading was cut short as my tongue tip touched her tight hole. My tongue was soon replaced. "Well..." began Suzan standing and then taking a seat on the bed and placing her finger on Dusty's lips."Since you can't move then you have to sit there and listen to me. I love you, I have almost from the start, but I was sure of it after we talked the day after your hangover. You really care about me and you look out for me, you kept trying to protect me and it could have cost you your life but you didn't care, and I want to be with you. I know you're attracted to Lori, but I hope you have. To my surprise he did not dive by, but pulled up right along side me and slowed down. You did not answer my question? He said with a boyish grin. Looking at Mr. Mop top, I speculated that he was at least in his early twenties. WHAT QUESTION? I snapped back still half annoyed at his persistence and half liking the attention he was devoting to me on an otherwise boring Saturday afternoon. Figuring he was not going to stop cruising his car along the sidewalk till I talked to him, and worried about. A person could just choose for themselves without registering or telling anyone at all that they were going to be a nudist. Or they could just choose to be topless for the day or bottomless even - it did not matter. The choice was totally up to the individual.However, despite the growing band of Lifestyle Nudists across the country no towns or cities had yet officially applied for this status apart from the two mentioned above. Even there the freedoms gained were only partial freedoms. Aurora.

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