.” I paused to try to gather my thoughts into some sort of intelligent sentences. “Well, it sure grabbed my attention, but will a publisher put it...out? It seemed to me to be a bit ... I don’t know ... more than just risqué?”Jordan gave me a lover’s kiss complete with tongue then reached down into the bag that she’d set down beside her. She pulled out two paperback books that had some yellow tabs coming out of them. “I thought you might ask that question so here, look at the areas that I’ve. I couldn't tell how much time had passed, but I found myself getting absorbed in the fictional works of my father. Setting the novella back on its shelf, I bristled, trying to forget that part of my life and move on. I could barely remember the man anyway, but reading his life's work could wither down my resolve. I really had to stop doing that.He had been the reason I became absorbed in written language, in English. I was too attention deficit to become a great writer like my father had been,. I like the company and sexual relationship of a female but I also like to make a guy cum and I have taken to doing this spontaneously and in public places if I get the chance.This short story is about a time when I was doing some retail therapy in a local retail park. It always makes me horny looking through the different clothing department for instance I had to walk through the lady’s underwear section to get to the men’s section of course, and as I walk past touch the lacey knickers and rub. Father David was cumming. His sperm was shooting all over Rachel’s hands and glob after glob of his white milky stuff spurted into theworld. After many moments, Father David opened his eyes. There, between his legs, Rachel knelt. He looked down at her and could see that the young girl, who had joined the choir when she was only seven, was covered in his cum. Her eyes, her hair, her mouth was awash with his white fluid that had laid quietly for many decades. He leaned down and kissed her lips..

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