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I admit, I was getting aroused and I couldn’t let you know that.”“But I knew it anyway, Dad. In the pool and on your lap. I know you’ve been t...ying to get a good look at my boobs ever since I started puberty. So, why don’t we take care of that first?”I sat up, still straddling his leg. I pulled my t-shirt over my head in one motion. He stared at my breasts as though he could barely keep himself from grabbing them.“Lizzie, this is so wrong.”“Do you like them, Dad? I know they’re not as big as. He wanted me! My body shivered when he touched me, and all I could do was push my body against his. He accepted this as an answer and leaned his head down to kiss me once lightly on my lips. I moaned involuntarily, closing my eyes and trying to wrap my head around what was happening. He chuckled and kissed me again, harder, longer. He pushed his tongue through my lips and was sensually massaging mine with his. I kissed him back, swirling my tongue all around his mouth. Oh god it was so. .. you're going to push me around, huh?" You might as well get used to the idea. I am very strong-willed, you know." Yeah ... I'm getting that impression."Georgette had booked ahead on the Internet from the lodge, and they were ready for us with a new light-weight chair. It also had a carrier on the back where I could put my books and laptop. She had pretty much thought of everything."Let me put it in the trunk," she ordered. "You aren't supposed to be doing any lifting right now." So, carrying. Never too gullible, but she had anoptimism that I found very attractive. So sometimes I would indulge herand this seemed like a good time to do so. "Ok Tara," I said, "if thatlittle post-it will really work, you can try it on me. But if itdoesn't, then we'll go out for a fancy dinner Friday anyway, deal?"She smiled and said, "Deal."- - -Thursday night came, and after watching some TV we went to bed. Wesnuggled for a bit and then she turned on the light. "What are youdoing?" I asked."Time.

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