" I said, "In a way it was my fault... If I hadn't run away to be taken by Master Paul then Red would probably have let them live." I said feeling sli...htly bitter."Why did you run away? And who's Master Paul? Was he a boy you met up with?" Liz asked.I laughed, "A boy? No. Master Paul is a kidnapper and trainer; he trains young girls to be slaves." I said."A kidnapper! How scary! But you managed to escape and come here." Liz saidI shook my head and explained how I got here."So you beat up that. Everybody knew who I was, when they saw Terry and me holding her hand. Barbara and her mother made a big thing out of it and I swear I was going to die right their! Not only did they make us both pose for pictures, but some of the other mothers took our picture as well. I really did just want to die then! Terry was in heaven though and she just kept hugging me and telling me as she put it, 'The best-est brother in the whole world.' Barbara just wouldn't leave me alone either. I had to pose with. "He's poking Ginny aw'ready and says I'm next. Then he says he's gonna sell Martha's cherry and poke her too." Doesn't sound like what a preacher should be up to," I said, watching the man rant and wave to a knot of squatters in the twilight."Tain't," the girl said. "We gotta go." She grabbed her sister and trotted back to sing again while I sat and watched, wondering what I should do.I went and talked with my lieutenant, telling him what the girl had said and sharing my doubts about the. "Why don't we go first thing in the morning, and then if it won't work we can continue looking at other places." Thank you, sir. I would be very happy if I could contribute this," Chrissy said."So, is there anything else on the agenda for tonight?" I asked."Can we all go out to dinner?" Becky asked."Fine with me," I said. "Anywhere in particular?" Don't worry, sir," Becky said. "I'll make the reservations. Would it be OK if the other slaves and I go to get our hair done before we go?" Fine with.

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