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I was laying on the bed in my boxers watching TV. He made some small talk and asked me about what I watching and some other questions. He opened one...of the desk drawers and pulled out a Cheri magazine I had in there. I tried to apologize for it but he said dont worry as he flipped thru the magazine. He placed the mag down on the desk and unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his dick. I was still watching TV as he rubbed his dick making it come to a full erection. He then said "Tim how did. R.I.E.N.D.S was just noise in the background, like the squeak of the fan above us."I need a cock," Hem complained idly, with a sigh.I smiled a little. Hem was *always* horny. "Why?" I teased. "What would you do with it? Would you do...*this*?" With that, I slipped my popsicle between my lips, swallowing it like I would a man. I couldn't decide in that moment which was better—cold, solid, melting in my mouth, coating my tongue with the tart taste of cherry, or hot and almost spongy, hardening. The something was my middle finger that was gently massaging her outer lips with a teasing motion.I felt her hips moving ever so slightly as if urging my finger to move lower and penetrate her now very wet pussy. I felt the rim of her inviting pussy entrance edging towards my finger end I wanted to finger fuck her right there. Then lick it.But I felt her clit grow slightly as it grew moist and taut, and gently moving my finger upwards, I concentrated on a slow circular motion that brought a low. Clarissa giggled and Teluri slapped her again. She began a rhythm of blows, striking softly for now, one cheek and then the other, slowly working upwards. Clarissa squirmed gently under the slaps, occasionally letting out a little breathy gasp.After twenty of these gentle blows Clarrisa spoke, her voice wavering a little as Teluri continued the spanking.“You’ll never get me to talk this way Archmage. I’m not one of your students you know, I could lie here all day.”Teluri did not break the.

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