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She had no place to go and no other family members would take her in so she come to me . I have a one bedroom apartment but told her she could stay wi...h me until she finds work and gets back on her feet . She is 28 with brown hair to go half way down her back 5'9" with perfect 34b tits and fat brown nipples that are always hard with the sweetest tight ass . The first night she took a shower and came out to the front room with me just wearing a t-shirt and no panties .We were on the couch. It can make a one get larger breasts or hips or buttocks, or whatever you so choose. It can corrupt their mind, it can lower their intelligence. It can bestow them with a dick with powers you may choose, if any. Lastly, you can impregnate women if you wish, however, the curse that has been on your planet is stronger than this power, so the babies will always be women. However, they will age rather quickly, so be prepared for that. Enjoy." Actually, one more thing, this is more for me, I find. Tally just stuck her nose in a magazine and pretended not to notice their attention. Everybody seemed to notice, but none of them was rude.Barb's plane arrived and she gave Tally a big hug even before she greeted me. She didn't have any checked luggage so we went straight to the car. They chattered all the way home. Neither of them asked me anything or said anything to me at all. I didn't mind. I was thinking about what we'd do when we got home. My cock was at varying degrees of erection all. Mary was enjoying the feeling of being in control and I was enjoying the feeling of being dominated. It felt lovely when she pulled my knickers down. She told me off for being wet; she said I was being naughty for enjoying it. There was me, on my knees, bent over her bed. Mary was now tapping my bear bum with her whip. Not hard enough to hurt me, just enough to know it was there.I was getting wetter and wetter. She said I was very naughty for getting turned on. With that she slid two fingers in.

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