’ Disgust immediately overpowered Nick’s fear. ‘You piece of shit,’ he spat. Maynard chuckled as he looked over to Matt. ‘As for you, I kill...d a couple of your partners and they sent you here. Your presence and death was not planned, so I do apologize before I kill you.’ ‘What do you mean assignment?’ Matt asked hoarsely. Maynard licked his lips. ‘Well, you see,’ he started, ‘I was given an assignment to clear out Aftersun. I wanted to please my superiors, so I took the liberty of taking care. And, Mommy, that’s in spite of the fact that you’re one of God’s most perfect creations yourself.”Barbara was slowly shaking her head in utter disbelief. But then Andy whispered, “She’s absolutely right, you know.” Then she started to arise saying, “We have to get going. About now my baby, Chris, is going to be wondering what happened to her private milk cow, and Sheila Fitzpatrick, Caitie’s newest sister, will be wondering the same thing.” Andy grinned and added, “That’s something you can. On a few occassions he has offered my throat to a few of his friends. this was the first time he did was superbowl sunday when he called and invited me over. i told him the game really held no excitement for me, but if he would let me nurse on his uncut cock while he watched the game i would be right over. he agreed.when i arrived at his home, he greeted me at the door totally nude. when i walked in i went to my knees and was going to enjoy my self. he stopped me and told me to get. Whether there were any presents or not, the gift of Donald himself is what she prizes the most.Donald, gazing into Emma’s eyes is thinking much the same. To now have someone, so dear, so perfect, to share this day with he wants to shout out ‘Hallelujah.’They waste no time in coming together, facing each other on their sides. Emma throws her leg up over Donald’s hip, and he presses his hard cock up in her. Smiling foolishly at each other, they shift and thrust back and forth, building up.

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