And cried out in loud moan after moan her eyes squeezed tightly shut and her whole face grimaced at the pleasure this new pussy eating was going!Pepp...r began to force more and more of his rough tongue into her lips now hitting the very opening of her cunt and raking right up over and get that clit every time. She began jerking and shaking and writhing and shoving that little tight ass of hers up to his snout fully and wanton of it all now.Then she really cried out that his tongue was digging. They sat down at the table and pulled out their respective files. “What was the last day and time you spoke to your operative?”“Friday the seventeenth at eight PM. We sat at neighboring tables at Lamasco’s bar on Franklin and Sixth,” Tom said matter of factly.“Okay. What was the nature of the discussion?”“She had signaled that she wanted to talk. She said AFPOP was going to be moving some heavy stuff in the next few days and would let me know when and where as soon as she knew something.”“What. Of course, had Alan known it existed, he couldn't have helped but notice that her black Lex Steele dildo was gone from her panty drawer. Alice hadn't been about leave that behind; not a toy with such throat and pussy pleasing dimensions. Besides, Alan finding she had a big black dildo secreted away would have tipped him off that she had left him in favor of a far superior black man.The main reason Alice's whereabouts was never discovered was that Artemus had decided to relocate to another state. "How did you know who we are?" It's my business to know who I invite to my party," said Delphena with a laugh. "I run La Cabana." Oooo," cooed Jeanette, suddenly interested. "Is there anyone famous here?"Delphena gave Jeanette a knowing smile. "A few," she told her mysteriously, "but it's against the rules to tell you. You have to find them on your own." Oh, pooh," huffed Jeanette. "C'mon, just a hint." Oh, alright." Delphena leaned down and whispered loudly, "They're wearing a mask."Jeanette's.

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