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A couple of months later we had given up on the Internet as there were so many flakes. By then we had become members and Cindy had a few flings, all o... which she enjoyed. Her first guy was Ricky, a tall guy that was both gently yet insistent on what was going to happen if Cindy was okay with it.After dancing with her and some drinks he suggested we adjourn to one of the private rooms. So all three of us headed up the stairs.She was pretty nervous but thankfully Ricky was aware of this so he. ..later that day jackson was in the shower when his father enter " son is there any place for your old man ? " jackson's father was undress and join his son in the shower , jackson start looking at his dad's dicks and he start to get hard " you like watching your daddy naked right ? " jackson smiled and nodded " you can touch it if you want " dad , get out i need to finish my shower " " okay son i'll be waiting for you in my room that buddy is not gonna suck itself " okay dad , i will ". "I know, I know," Chris said.They walked to the football stadium. Nancy scanned the stands. The seats were filled. She saw Mr. Milton high up, lifting a telescopic lens to his eye. She knew he was focusing in on her.She took the field with the girls.The band banged out a fast song, and the girls shoved their hips exaggeratedly to the right, bumped, then swung them salaciously to the left and bumped.Nancy bumped hot and good. Then she went into a long set of high kicks, her tiny blue skirt. First he told me to unbutton one of the buttons from my shoulder and spread my legs so if he looked he could see my panties I did so without even thinking twice I realized the alcohol was definitely taking effect. After that he told me to get up go to the bathroom let my skirt ride up too high and he would text me what to do when I got to the bathroom. As soon as I got up I knew my lips were hanging out the bottom of my skirt so I tried to hurry up to the bathroom but I could feel people.

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