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Some want a slave who obeys out of a deeply held feeling and belief that we, and others that we may designate, have a moral right to exercise absolute...authority over his or her person. We are, after all, his or her 'betters'. I want to stress that your Stephanie will not be getting this type of conditioning. In her case the client does not want to take away her belief in her own dignity. Rather he wants her to obey him in all things because she will feel compelled to do so by the post hypnotic. I gladly be the host.”The Red Dragon and his entourage, clearly felt the open insult and joined two tables themselves thus creating a clear divide in the eatery.Har-Hi noticed and said with a grin. “Just like the planet.”The wolf like being stood and said.”I am Parth Winthers, the shipmaster of the Whispering Vengeance. This is part of my crew. We are indeed from very far and we travelled for several rotations to this region of space.”“Welcome then to the Upward sector as we call this quarter. I did not delay to pull my boxer down to my ankles and released my serpent while crawling behind her and put my hands on her hips. As I let my cock drool and moved my cock tip at her ass slit, I asked her, if she was actually sure about getting her ass fucked and she told me that she was never as sure. She also mentioned that I had made one of her dream come true and now she would not at all dither from making my dream come true. I pulled her closer and rubbed my very wet cock head on her ass. .. yes, I understand that very well... too well!!" Susan had moved closer to her startled sister-in-law. She sat directly beside the smaller woman, peering down at her still form, her face a mask of anguish.After a few moments of silence during which Tricia took in the surprising statement Susan had just made, she looked up at the slightly older woman and spoke softly. "I guess we have a lot in common, really..." Yes..." said Susan, simply. "In a way. We're both women... and we're both getting.

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