. well, sexy. Not sexy the way Dick thinks. It just makes a man feel like a man. It presents him with that paradox of predator and protector. He sudde...ly sees his purpose. Conquer Her, Care For Her.So I was thinking, Hey, This is a Pretty Cool Moment.Then Chick-Flick Me finally got up to speed and issued an alert.She was beautiful. So beautiful my heart stopped. So beautiful I felt faint.So beautiful I couldn't look at her. Because I didn't want her to get Dicked.See, ever since Dick came into. She was wearing a light fitting opened white shirt over it. Roger ran over to greet them all and I turned my attention to the other side of the room where Jeff was chatting up some girl I didn't know. Typical Jeff.The sun started to set as the last of the guests arrived. Even for a large beach house, the place was absolutely packed. I got talking to a lot of new people, and hugged and laughed with familiar faces. I was never allowed to talk to one person for long before I'd be interrupted by. “That would cause nothing but trouble, it would go right against our agreement with the town council,” Thelma insisted. “No, there is a chance we would totally miss out then, and then the fat would really hit the fire.”Again there were muttering, followed by an awkward silence.“Brandy?” Asked Beatrix.“Hell Yeah!” came several replies.The general discussions carried on for a while after that, then with some regret, Beatrix, spoke again.“We can carry on as is, take the candidate and use her for. .You mind?" "No, go right ahead!" I laughed, and he leaned over taking me by surprise, a hand on my belly and his lips touching mine and began kissing me, probing my mouth with his tongue, his hand crept up under my shirt freeing my tits from the bra and fondling them. Breaking the kiss he leaned back a little, lifted the wet t-shirt, got a good look at what I said he could and began kissing me again. Our tongues intertwined, I groaned with pleasure until the kiss was broken again and he.

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