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.. the one you came to see, the one you will love. And, might I say, the most luxurious apartment, no excuse me, condo, in the building!” We, and I pressed the button marked sixteen, a LED display flashed Insert Key-card to proceed. Shoving the key-card in, the doors of the elevator slid shut making light bumping sound.“Now, you do have a front door your guest, or delivery people will come up the regular elevator. This elevator is only for the use of owners of the luxury units.” The. Beatrice turned to the jury of dominant women, with an exquisite haughtiness to her tone.“Well ladies, are you satisfied of the male’s heinous guilt ... deserving of the gallows?” Crawford’s entire body stiffened as the forewoman’s spiteful smile leered right into his eyes, though he knew there was only one possible outcome.“Oh yes, Madam Belvedere, it’s unanimous ... we want to see him sniff Madam Fairchild’s gusset, and suffer high upon the rope.” The crowd hushed for a moment, some sighing. After the men had finished groping her, she took off her sweater to reveal a white lace bra.The men nodded their approval as Hilary undid her bra to expose her pert, soft breasts. A pair of young tits as well formed as hers they hadn't seen since they were teenagers themselves. Her nipples were dark and erect, and Wes and Brook succumbed to temptation and began sucking on a tit each. Cupping her young flesh in their hands, they took her nipples in their mouths and flicked their tongues over the. You guys like watching even more than fucking. Do this for me and I might even let you be my full time cucky boy. That is if you're a good cuckold."She had me. I wanted to watch her fuck Jamal. I wanted to be her little bitch boy and do all the nasty, humiliating things she asked. Bri could make me do anything.She smiled and told me to get the car. When I got around to the front both she and Jamal got into the back seat. I'm not sure if they even realized I was there at that moment. Brienne was.

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