The voicesounded as that of the women I talked to the night before. I had so manyquestions, but before I could ask any she told me to meet her. She to...d meher address and that she would see me later, and then she quickly finishedand hung up the phone.I immediately took a shower and got ready. About as fast as I have evermoved before, I quickly got my business in line and took off. I drove likea mad man; I made it to her house with ease. I got out of my car neargiddy, and ran up to the. I offered up my couch to Ray for the evening. I did feel bad for him. Brought to a place that he had never been before and his BF just left him hanging at this bar. So we sat there talking and smoking for a while. Finally we made out way to my apartment.We were just chillin havin another drink. By this time I was feeling pretty good and he looked even better. I could see the outline of his 9 inch cock thru those skin tight jeans he had on. Ray looks over at me and called me out.... Ya I got. I'm just locking one door, and opening another."Lynn watched in horror as Hans' hand moved slowly down to the zipper of his jeans and fumbled with the clasp."Oh, NOOOO..." The trapped young wife backed away, the first tears of fright beginning to course unnoticed down her terrified face."That's it, cry a little for me, baby," Hans leered. "Why don't you try a little scream while you're at it. They'll never hear you up on deck."Lynn knew that Hans was right. With the noises of the Vera's motor. Mann toh karta hai mera… lekin jin ladko k saath main rehti hu mere group k woh ache gharke hai.. and aise hai k tumhara cleavage bhi dikhta ho to ghurenge nahi…Mom:’ Toh woh cleavage se maanle waale ladke nahi use jyaada ki bhook wale hai, Tujhe koi pasand hai inme??Me “ Practically sochu to in main se ek hi hai jo mere requirements k hisaab se fit hai.. HARDICK(my bf) Marathi hai and iske mom bhi kafi modern hai… Acha kamata hai.. and fit bhi hai.. sirf dark complexion ka hai..”Jab maine mom.

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