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.he sat on the bed and watched me and pointed to one of the night stands...I opened it and of all sorts, cock rings and tons of lube, rubbe...s...the whole nine yards...jackpot! By this time he was stripping...he had on familiar pair if red bikinis that could barely contain his full erection.I proceeded to Caress his package and he did the same...finally licking my panty bulge and running his hands up and down my legs..electric! I just had to have him at this point...I pulled his. So anyway Desmond got in the truck and I sat on his lap and right away I could feel his bulge, as Snapp drove out of the parking lot I felt his bulge grow every time we went over a speed bump. I could feel it growing and it felt huge. I could tell Desmond was getting excited because his breathing was heavier. On the way to his new place there was road construction going on and the ride was a bit rough, which in my eyes was perfect because I could enjoy the bulge I was sitting on while acting. She rotated her hips as if in a motion of fucking and was jabbering. ‘Ah, boy you are driving me mad . Yes go on suck my vulva baby … Oooooohhhh that is it bite my cunt lips and thrust your tongue deep darling bite my cunt honey ah yeas that is the go on still harder there now tease my clit baby there oh I am coming you fucker there my juice is coming ooohhh drink it baby drink your sister’s cunt juice ahhhhh letting out her thick cunt juice, she rotated her hips and pressing my face on to the. My body was enjoying it while my mind was geting abused. My hips moved with him and he said "you must like this dont you you whore" and shoved his fingers even deeper. "yeah your geting all wet just for me" he said. he pulled his fingers out and put them to my mouth. I shut it tight. "open it or i will hurt you" i slowly opened it and he shoved them in "Clean your cunt jucies off of it" . I did as i was told cleaning his fingers clean. When he pulled them out i closed my eyes and then I heard a.

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