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"I'm sorry," Miss Addiscombe said, "I meant to harm myself." And you are my property so by so doing you would hurt me, so it was intended." I snapped ...ack, "Get bandages someone, and help me disrobe."It was an ugly flesh wound, too severe for mere bandages so Dr Higgins, our family physician was summoned and he came directly within the hour at the latest.Higgins was a portly but kindly man, of father's age maybe, and he arrived dressed soberly and in a surprising degree of sobriety given due. He kissed her hard and tongued her mouth as he fingered her pussy hole. When she was nice and wet he aimed his huge cock at the entrance and pushed in.She was tight which was what he loved in the young college girls. Inch by inch the long shaft moved in her tight hole. Soon he had it completely in and he began to fuck her easy at first moving in and out of her hole. As he fucked her she began to move her hips up to him wanting more. "Tell me what you want baby." he asked her. "Professor, fuck. More. That's when you walk in. Tall, curvy, sun kissed skin, and a smile that could cause the blind to become aroused. I try not to stare, but the vibe your giving off is just too strong to avoid. I finish my tea, check my breath, and walk over, pretending to be interested in whatever baked goods you seem to have your eye on. I throw out a "Good Afternoon" and casually keep walking, hoping you'll take my bait. You turn, smile and give a slight acknowledging head nod. "Ehh, Good Enough." I say. I see those trucks everywhere. I also look out the window when I fly and look at all the trucks down below and think about the changes that are taking place in your industry and what a part ... what a small part that I played in that. It makes me feel good inside as well. So thank you, too."I went back to the hotel, made a quick decision against staying around for another day or two, so I picked up the phone, and purchased a ticket on the late train, and twenty-two minutes later, I was on the.

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