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When he walked in, he saw his wife with the man. No one said anything at first, then Dawn closed the door. "I think this is what you want; maybe not w...ere you wanted it," she said to Brad with a nervous laugh."No, no, this is fine. Spontaneous," he said with his voice cracking with excitement like a teenager.With Brad's approval, the stranger lifted Dawn onto a table and began kissing her. He stood between her muscular legs which were dangling from the edge of the table. His hands swept down. “I have no intention of settling for one man. They’re only useful for one thing.”“Not even that in some cases,” Patty joined in and there was general laughter.“You speak from experience, Patty?” Annabelle asked to more laughter. Patty turned her ice blue eyes and gave a wicked look.“Oh yes,” she said in a sultry voice. “Plenty!”“Local mattress are you Pats?” Jean chimed in to more laughter.“Certainly not!” the girl said. “I ALWAYS take control. The view’s better up top and let’s face it,. She pressed her tits against me and let out a soft moan. Backing me to my chair she pushed me into the seat and went back to lock the door. She was unbuttoning her blouse opening her bra when she turned around. Her tits were amazing at least a firm 36d cup with a 22 inch waist and 35 inch hips in my estimation. Stand up she said as she pulled at my belt in a smooth motion she had my dick in her hand dropping to her knees. I felt her breast brush against my cock the precum slid in the valley. This made Justin's cock shoot a load of cum onto the floor. His eyes wandered around and what he saw surprised him. Every where guys were fuckin and suckin adn he wanted MORE! He pulled JT's cock out of his mouth and yelled "FUCK ME & Blow me" with that a nerd and a black Football player came over and got in position. The nerd slowly took Justin's hard cock into his small mouth and began suck, and jack off his small cock. The football player came behind justin and pulled out the most enourmous.

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