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. I shall win you over a arguement...she said you goin to argue with me..... Go on.. I said if i win you must keep your word...I said here s the topic.... S the man the most strongest a****l in the world... She said no..but i said yea.. She said humans are the most selfish characters in the world . And mainly all men.. ..i said i disagree with.. U.... Wat do you mean.. I said mam human men are more... Civilised than other a****ls... She disagreed.. I said wat will you do if i touch you breasts. "That," she whispered, "was lesson one." Mei Ling liked sex. I was sixteen, and kept up with her night of lessons with growing enthusiasm. We paused for a late supper – or early breakfast -- naked in the kitchen, and then fell asleep after more sex. Funny, but sleeping naked with her, I dreamed I was sleeping naked with Jason again, and I dreamed that he was teaching me about sex. I woke in the morning, spooned behind Mei Ling and sporting morning wood.Except for the bathroom, we didn't get out. Julie explained she had cooked hamburgers for everyone while Beth had made a salad. Dave ate as if he had not seen food for a week; all three girls noticed that he did not stop until every crumb had vanished from the table. When Dave took the last sip of his drink, set down the glass, closed his mouth, and blinked like a cat, the girls exploded with group giggles but refused to tell him why.After lunch the four teens went to the pool for the afternoon.Tuesday and Wednesday passed by quickly.. He parted the lips of your pussy, lubricating the head of his shaft with your more than ample juice. He worked the head in, his size stretching your well fucked cunt, and steadily slid in too the base. You gasped at the sheer size of the flesh covered log as he buried himself inside you. You looked more like you were being impaled than being fucked. You became frenzied, sucking the cock matching the same rhythm with which you were being fucked, tonguing his balls. He reached under you pinching.

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