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"No," I replied as forcefully as I could, "We are visitors and I have diplomatic immunity from Colonel Nubaro."A look of disbelief crossed stewardess'...face. "If you say so ma'am. On your head be it but I would strongly advise you to conform to our rules. It can be painful if you don't." Deliberately I crossed my arms over my chest and she went away. We knew from our researches that Tumali women went around like the native Africans of former days as a protest against the white colonialists and. "Fay appeared at the door, "Shall we let the rubber cock fuck her again or shall we take her off and have her service us, what do you think girls?"I felt the butt-plug get shoved up me hard, and a voice came from behind."I think you two are ready to be licked out and I want to fuck this cute ass -hole, I bet she gets real hot with an ass fucking. "Bobbie and Jess moved back from me and started to undress, Fay went to the wardrobe and got another crop and a black handled whip with about 6 short. I knew from experience that Abby was a woman who loved building towards the big one. For well over an hour I edged Abby towards that impossible mountaintop. She groaned, begged, cried out and exhausted herself trying to force me to take her there faster, harder, and with greater passion.For over an hour I made her wait as the sexual energy built inside her body, threatening to explode once and for all. When the big one could not be held off any longer, I rode the wave, pounding Mr. Johnson to. " naughty girl made a mess. Looks like you'll have to clean it up " she shook her head and struggled again. I grabbed her throat and choked her. She opened her mouth and I shoved my cum soaked fingers in her mouth. She moaned as she sucked and licked my fingers clean. I smiled from under my hood. " there's still a bit left. Looks like daddy needs to clean it up " she gave me a worried look and shook her head. I moved down and spit on her pussy to get it really wet. She moaned and I started.

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