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Her nipples poked through her pyjama top. The earlier foreplay has resulted in the pyjamas being wedged in her ass and I could clearly see the panty l...nes. Riya saw me gazing at her cute ass and walked around in a sultry manner pretending she didn’t know I was watching. She switched off the tube leaving the table lamp on and the golden glow lit the room. We were both quite high and the setting had suddenly turned romantic. She sat on the edge of her bed facing away from me and I knew she was. Still facing the counter, left hand resting on the edge, he took a light pull off his own and tried to keep his eyes off her.Tried, anyway."You got highlights." Since about a year now." Nice." Thanks."There was a spate of silence filled with mutual whiskey sipping. She finger brushed hair behind her ear. In a tight, dark blue T shirt and jeans, she had exactly the same, compact profusion of curves Mace had always known. The shirt turned her heavy breasts into a statement of offhand excess.. Licking around the swollen clit he was gratified to feel her body twitching in response. Raising his head, he looked at her clit, watching its pulsation's of excitement. The girl's clit was big, he noticed. His cock surged with lust and his mouth fastened over her clit. Lois thrust her pussy at him as he went at it.Gently sucking, he licked in little circles. Noting how well the young girl responded, he went at it with gusto. His tongue flicked furiously back and forth over her clit. Then it. "Oh my God Uncle Ted, that feels great! Lick my little fucking pussy and don't stop! Eat me real good."As he continued licking and sucking his young niece, he put one finger against her asshole. It was wet from her cum so he had no trouble pushing his finger into her asshole. Ted slipped it in to the second knuckle, finger fucked her ass and continued sucking her pussy out till she had two more orgasms and just lay there like a limp clam. After he stopped, Monica told him how wonderful.

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