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I bent over to help him, when his dick was pointing right at me. I put my hand on him and held his dick before I began to suck on him. Oh his dick w...s so thick and long. I could hold on to it with both hands as i sucked his head.I lifted up and told him we need to go somewhere else. I turned the sink off and then the stove. Alex lifted my skirt, to kiss my ass cheeks, then to take my panties off. Once he had them off, he lifted me to sit on the counter and spread my legs with his hands. . I agreed. I put my hands on her thighs and started squeezing her thighs under the bed sheet. She was more voluptuous behind her hips, curvy sides below hips. Plump ass cheeks and a sexy hot this.I pulled her bed sheet a little up and started kissing her legs until the knee, then slowly started kissing her this under the bed sheet. Slowly started kissing, licking and sucking the inner this. Bent her knee, and I went under the bed sheet, holding around both her thighs with my hands, I was sucking. His ankles were just as securely tied by hard metal to each other, connected to another ring in the floor, forcing his knees to be slightly bend backwards, keeping them forced at that angle.His neck was put in a posture collar of similar material, he could feel the heaviness of it, holding his head to the floor sideways, and a thick inflated gag, going deep into his mouth and blindfold, both with small padlocks securing them behind his head.Waking up such, wondering first, then schocked an. I was so nervous. He pushed my thong to the side and leaned in and started to finger me harder and I kept moaning louder and louder (I ended up putting a hand over my mouth, trying to quiet myself down). I kept arching my back and digging my heels into the carpet. The next thing I know he's got his head between my thighs with my legs over his shoulders. It was heavenly, the best oral I've received to date. He kept teasing me and flicking my clit with his tongue while continuing to finger me. I.

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