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I’m 19yrs old n m studying in college I am a regular reader of this site n i enjoy all stories here specially the incest and aunties, bhabhies n thr...esome stories a lot n also group stories too n I just love this allSo before starting my story I want to tell u guys pls comment on my story whether u like or not like on so that I can know how to improve my next story better n I am not a writer so there may be grammatical mistake n am writing in hurry so there may be some spelling mistakeSo let’s. “ I can’t wait,” She replied.“How do you want to start?” I asked.“I will do anything you wish.” She replied.I got on the bed and motioned for her to get up beside me. We would start with a kiss.The kisses were passionate and my hand sought her nipples and as we kissed I squeezed one. She responded identically.I could feel she was ready so I got on top and gently kissed her body down over each nipple to her belly button. Then I spread her legs wide and pressed my lips to the freshly manicured. She was so hot with her tight body and her hands fisted in Gracie's long black hair holding her in place. Gracie made her cum over and over again and my own pussy, neglected was throbbing and soaking wet. Gracie's ass was in the air and I couldn't resist going behind her and shoving two fingers in her sopping snatch. I heard her moan into Theresa's pussy as I fucked her hard, opening up her ass cheeks to lave her tight asshole. I couldn't stand it anymore. I needed to eat her pussy so I lay. You put that in the washer while I finish this floor. Then we will decide if it is bed time," she said.We did decide to go to bed early, right after she finished the kitchen floor. She said she wanted to go cowgirl. She said she had never tried it before because all the men she had been with had refused. My questions were, why did they refuse, and how many men had she been with. I did not ask her anything. I only followed her directions. Cowgirl meant she was on top and in control. To.

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