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We´ll be around for a while.”Mia doesn´t bother to respond and someone closes the front door.“Stay in there for a while. We need to be sure,” ... hear her whispering. Smart girl. Beautiful, smart, witty and willing to endanger herself to help me. What exactly is she doing in this dump?I try to remain calm and patient for a while and not to succumb to claustrophobia. I´m not tending towards it, but I have to try not to acquire it now. The place would be ideal for the task. After an eternity, light. It felt amazing. He took a deep shuddering breath."Daddy? Are you Ok?" Why is your pussy bare? Have you let boys touch you there?"I was mortified. I had started removing the hair, because girls at school made fun of girls with a "hairy bush".I told him, I kept it smooth on purpose and he smiled."Good. Daddy likes that."He slid his finger up and down the outside of my slit softly. He was stroking my slit with gentle touches and I shivered. He probed one finger gently between my soft smooth cunt. He had my clit between two fingers rubbing it as I began to really climax. I felt his cock get harder and harder as it rubbed my leg. Then his mouth left my tit and kissed down to my stomach. He kissed all over my stomach and then tongued my belly button. He must have heard me moan as he then kissed lower and soon was kissing my pussy and I loved it. He pulled my leg between his legs so he could so he could continue cock rubbing me as he licked and sucked my clit. Then he licked to my hole and. From our bedroom Marie was noisily signalling that she was ready for bed and would not be seeing the New Year in, let alone come out dancing with me. I sighed to myself at memories of parties I had been to back in Europe, of standing outside in the freezing cold as the clock chimed midnight. I contemplated the vest top and faded pyjama bottoms I was now wearing, remembered that it was 26C and unlikely to snow, and sadly concluded I was a latter day Cinderella.I had been messaging my friend in.

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