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“What is this?”she asked. “It is the proof you will need to give my Dean when you turn me in as a blackmailer.” Shefingered the packed envelop..., “what is in it?” “All the proof you will need. It contains the sameinformation that I will mail to the Library Board and to your newspaper on the way to the Dean’soffice.” Frank smiled and as he shut the door with Shalini still standing on his porch he said, “youwin, you are free.” Shalini stood on his porch, holding the envelope he had handed her. He. A shadow was moving about the room. Then it left.“Teacher’s on break. He won’t be back for an hour!” Buddy reassured her.“He just walked in.”“That wasn’t him.”“How do you know?”He tried to kiss her. She turned away so he kissed her face instead, nibbling at her skin, her cheek, her neck, her ear, pulling a strand of her brown hair from his mouth, and kissing her some more. She was starting to breathe harder and he knew he had her then. She relaxed. Her cheek moved. She was smiling now, he. It’s a little grassy clearing alongside a little clear brook. My mother unfolded the blanket and bent over to lay it down in front of me. I was immediately greeted by her pantiless bare bottom and trimmed blonde haired vagina. At that moment I didn’t say a word, but instead became thilled! As we sat and had lunch with a couple of glasses of wine, we talked about alot of what’s been going on with our lives, but I still couldn’t get over seeing her beautiful round ass and sweet pussy. We finished. Raju was already sleeping.I asked her what happened, but she could not reply immediately. I pulled her to me and hugged her and asked again."I don’t know exactly aunty, but I think, I am experiencing my first ever periods. I do not know what to do exactly in this situation. My mummy is also not at home, so I come to you." She replied.I laughed a little hearing this."I am here for you. Don’t worry and take it easy. It happens with every girl. You have to take little care and everything will be.

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