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She closed her eyes for a few moments as Icouldn?t to caress her feet, alternating my fingertips between her toes andsoles.? She did have nice feet an... itwasn?t unpleasant to rub them, it was just further humiliating that she wantedme to kneel before her while I did it.? Iworked my fingers over her ankles, which brought a smile across a face. ?I?m a lazy person Mattyand I don?t like to do meaningless things like chores when someone else coulddo them for me.? I need someone to lookafter me and. You could come to my house and look at my dad's car too," she sighed theatrically. "Then I wouldn't have to worry so much." Worry?" I laughed. "About what?" About you and um, I don't know. I just..." another sigh. "Can you come over tonight?" her voice was soft and sweet."Um..." I felt a little rush of excitement, but I didn't know if I could or not. It was late already, like ten o'clock, a little after ten actually. "It's hard," I said and I felt let down myself. "I wish I could." I just want. She noticed a torn brown envelope and gently slipped it out.Inside the envelope was a blue slip of paper. Parents, especially mothers, of the girls at the college knew that this was a slip to be taken home and signed after a girl was caned. Her friend Liz had shown her several in the last couple of years when Beth, her daughter, had brought them home. On one occasion she had been there having a coffee in the kitchen when Beth came home. Liz knew Beth was down for the cane that day and asked for. The ‘anaconda’ was even more of a beauty to behold in person than the pictures I had seen, it was lean but long and curved right at the tip and I couldn’t wait to have him inside of me.As if reading my mind, Luqman sheathed his b**st with a condom and came to lay on the bed turning me sideways he began to use his hands to really explore my body with the throb of his dick pressing against my hips. Then he covered my lips and kissed me passionately as I arched up my legs and butt to enable the.

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