I got oil ready a few toys and stayed naked and lay on the bed and waited till hubby came into the bedroom, I told hubby to lie on his front making hi... scream as I pored oil all over his back - bum - and of course a little revenge as he made me wait on those jobs ha haThis might sound weird but after massaging his back getting him all loosened up, I lubricated my hubby's prostate and my finger and gently put my finger into his rectum and crooked my finger round and around and he loved it he. At 20 years old she was somewhat heavy set for an Alaytion girl. That is until she stood next to a human girl in which case she would have thought to been aneorexic had it not been for her nearly meter and a half long tail. The man walked behind her and picked her up by her waist with one arm. He then placed her on a rack and shackled her legs to the bottom bindings. After that he bent her over the semi-circular slatted area of the rack and stretched her arms out until they nearly touched the. "Thanks," Marti replied."Is 40 creds enough?" the man asked.Marti blinked. "Enough for what?" Just a quickie," the man said. "We can do it in the back. The owner won't mind."It suddenly dawned on Marti that the man was offering to pay for sex. A man wanted to have sex with her! It made her skin crawl. She'd never been attracted to any man, and this one was far from handsome... just a typical blue collar guy with a beer belly, wearing jeans and a plaid shirt. He might easily have been one. Coming to the story, I am the only daughter to my father. My mom died while I was 5, I was raised by my father from then, my father was so kind, loving and a lot caring person for me, at least I thought so…After my mom passed away, I was lonely, my papa used to spend more time with me. He used to take me to school, pick me up, cook for me and all. I got close to him by each passing day. Now I am 19, perfectly shaped, 38c-28-36. With big round boobs and a perfect body, any guy in my college.

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