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Are you ready?" Yes, send them up."She turned away from the hall and re-entered the master bedroom. The conversation below ended and she heard the foo...steps of the women as they made their way to her room. They entered, with cases and other items in their hands."Hello, my name's Annabelle. Most people call me Belle; it's nice to meet you." Her hand was extended to the pleasantly plump dark-haired woman who entered first.Her hand was accepted and the woman replied, "It's nice to meet you too,. . cum, sir! Ohhh, please...ohhh sirrr..." she moaned desperately. This was what I had been waiting for and with renewed energy and drive, I increased the torment.I moved my mouth up an inch or two and captured her swollen and highly sensitive clit in my mouth, sucking on it and drawing it into my mouth so the tip of my tongue could flick across it.At the same time, I introduced a finger under my chin, shoving it deep into her tunnel and curling it upwards to rub what on Earth would be her. I have been very successful in the show-jumping world over the years and have competed regularly alongside the best, including Princes and Princesses. I came down from University after graduating three months ago and threw myself into my equestrian eventing, taking full advantage of Daddy's stables which are probably some of the best in the country.He hired Bradley, a top retired eventer now a coach to help me fulfil my dreams. Bradley was to live in a cottage on the estate and my training. He hadn’t expected her to cum so quickly; she’d been on the edge of need for days then, like he was.While he didn’t have any sexual history to draw on, he knew how to read, and had done his research. Instead of licking and suckling on her clitoris as she came, he eased up, letting her enjoy the bliss without spoiling it with too much stimulus.It was his first time, and more importantly, his first time with her. Analysis skills kicked in, and he made mental notes of each and every reaction she.

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