Now! - I could just murder some eggs bacon and sausage! See you later, girls - go on MOVE THOSE FAT BOTTOMS INTO THE POOL FAST!!!"Jessica and Harry ob...yed with some reluctance and were soon swimming up and down in Fran's open air pool. Jessica unwisely dived straight in. This was a show of bravado which she pretty quickly regretted. The icy water caused every nerve ending to send angry signals of protest to her brain. "SHIT" she thought "You can die doing things like this - the heart justs. Very exciting for both of us as we followed the scenario we played out two nights ago.We had a meeting with the two talent scout ladies the next morning and discussed alternate scenarios. “Your cougar persona, thighs and magnificent ass are a turn on for both sexes Sarah. And the crew are still talking about your thick, nine-inch erection Roger. Would you be amenable to a four-way? We could organise two women for you or two extra men. Would you like to see some pics?”“Can we have both. Don looked at me, “You're not to fuck her, this is as far as we go, OK. I never meant this to happen.”“OK,” I replied. “I promise, but we need to get her off.”I bent, re-inserted my fingers and Don resumed his attentions on her nipples. We may have been temporarily distracted, but Hazel had not missed a beat. She was even closer to coming, now that she had a hold of my cock. Within minutes she had an explosive orgasm that had her body twitching down onto both my hands, while she thrust her. ?To cheer herself up she got out The Knife soon after they had left. She played with it for a while, took a few photos with her camera on a tripod with the remote control, then lay naked on her back masturbating. ?There must be more I can do? she thought. The next day she wondered whether to ask her friend Tina over and get some different photos or even a video. She knew Tina would jump at the chance to get into her room with just the two of them. However she wasn't sure she could trust herself.

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