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I got super confused. Why was she here? Then I did the math, and it all made sense. The last time I saw her I was seventeen, and she was fourteen. Tha... was almost two years ago, so now she's sixteen, and old enough to party. I was curious to see what she looked like now. But, I was scared to see how she would react when she saw me. Did Megan tell her anything? I walked around for awhile talking to old friends about college, and other stuff.Then, I saw this really attractive girl who had her. I think I was looking for a replacement that wouldn't remind me of Catherine, and found her in my wife. She was very slim, with light brown hair, A-cup boobs, and no ass to speak of. She also seemed to be as interested in big houses and big cars and her shoe collection as she was in me. Eventually, the money that she spent ate our savings up, the arguments started, and after five years, the divorce came. At least we didn't have children to further muddle up the picture. I moved to a small town,. She was a bit chubby but all the curves were in more than the right places as opposed to her sister who was skinnier with long legs and arms. Her nipples were pierced with small silver rings. I could not stop staring at her. ‘Hello? Mark?’ she laughed waving her hand past my eyes as if waving at a camera, ‘I guess that trip to the Secret’s shop was worth it.’ The words ‘how’ and ‘why’ fought for control of my tongue. ‘Look! My sister left with Tom last night like I thought she would, and I said. Julie squealed as she saw them, and kissed me."The flowers were such a lovely thought, darling Jon, thank you again!"The room was warm and romantically lit, and I stopped Julie as she moved towards her wardrobe."Julie my darling, can you please teach me how to take your clothes off? Do you need the dress unclipping at the back?"She squealed again, this time with anticipation. Then she showed me, between kisses, how to help her get out of her dress.The results were rather similar to the previous.

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