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But why do you care now if you didn't care before?"She looked worried and said, "I got a letter from the college. They said that if my final grades we...e as bad as my midterm grades, I'd be out on academic suspension."I got up and went over to her, my breathing already rapid. I ran my hand through her hair as I said, "So you're ready be my slave?" My cock was so hard that the restraint of my pants was causing me pain."I guess so," she whispered, "I need to get through." She wouldn't look at me,. The next two cracks from the belt were swift and firm making her jump and even squeal a bit. He tossed the belt in front of the chair and moved in closely now directly behind her. His cock was the first to make contact with her bare ass then his hands and then the rest of his body. ‘Now that you have been punished it is time to be used like a good slut should be.’ Chapter 10 He reached between her legs with his right hand forcing her to spread her legs and open up a very wet cunt. He could. "Ummmm. . .sometimes - - because I like it, and sometimes because I feel that like I have to." she said."Well that is normal. It is the same for men too. We sometimes get an urge to rub ourselves - - and sometimes when we're feeling lonely, and also sometimes when we're feeling aroused. My dog is just the same, but he has an additional problem, at least I think it's a problem, but I can't be sure. He has a highly developed sense of smell and can therefore smell our sex glands working, and that. I ran my nails up and down, gently scratching it. At first I knelt over him, slapping his throbbing dick with my big tits.After a minute or two, I squeezed the shaft, then popped the head into my mouth, pushing the fore skin back with my tongue. I kept sucking his knob, as I speeded up with my hand. Martin ran his fingers through my auburn hair, and moaned like a baby. Within a minute, his hips jerked and his spunk shot into my mouth. His cock went soft very quickly; leaving me a little bit.

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