"Oh god, I forgot you've got those magic fingers," Madison moaned.She felt a twitch in her panties, an unnerving sensation, but shechalked it up to th... squirming foot in her lap. She followed thewhimpers as her hands played across toes and then ventured overcalves."Mmmm, that feels soooo good."Kim glanced towards the opposite end of the couch, Madison had neverstraightened her skirt, "I can make you feel better than this, babe,"she purred, licking her lips.The only response was a long,. We started to rise from the floor, luckily there was no mess – it was all in our mouths! As we rose, we looked at each other and smiled happily. There was still a while left of lunch – so no rush.We were all there still completely naked, but we were both now quite exhausted. We had both received and given orgasmic blowjobs simultaneously and where now just sitting there recuperating. I was worried that now we were done – we would just get completely back to normal as though nothing ever. 35 minutes chala phir wo release ho gahi aur mein b us ki chout mein hi release ho gia aur us ne mera lund apni chout se nikaal k chousna shrou ker diya tu mein ne usey kaha a ap ne mujey garam ker diya aur ye ghulat kaam ho gia hai pl mahaf kerna mujey, us ne kaha nehi Ali Sahib ye ap ne jo hamarey kaam kiye hain un ka inaam hai ap ne tu aj mujey bohat maza diya hai ap ka lund kafi lumba aur mota hai mujey bohat maza ahya hai aur ap tu bohat time tak mujey choudtey rehey ho ab mein ap ko nehi. “Why not?”“Fantastic,” I say.He smiles way too eager.I reach for the paper bag. “So, you want a face or would you rather do the headless thing?”“What?” he asks.“I’ve got faces,” I say, digging into my purse for the cutouts. Tonight I’ve got Audrey Hepburn and Courtney Love and Kate Middleton. His brows furrow when I hold them up. “You don’t have to pick one,” I say. “It’s just that some guys get weird about doing me when there’s nothing to look at.”“I’m not weird,” he says.“I could also draw a.

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