“I got that idea from Jason’s tone of voice and the way he spoke to me.”“How are you otherwise?”“Impatient to see you. Both Kara and I wis... you were coming up tonight instead of tomorrow.”“I’m beat; I usually am on Fridays and we have the whole Thanksgiving week, so I think you two can handle one more night without me. It’s not like we’re sleeping together at this point.”“No, but we do cuddle,” I said.“Go cuddle with Kara before bed,” Jessica said firmly. “Those are the doctor’s orders!”“Yes,. There was silence all around. I glanced at a shocked, relieved Mataoka cradling our precious child. Then I looked over at Walla, who was sitting up intently. Walla caught my eye and drew his finger across his neck in a very clear instruction to me. Without thinking about it, I leaned down over the vanquished and gave the necessary coup de grace. There was, I realized, no way I dared let Ahanu wander the earth and wait out his revenge.The braves still stood around me, spears in their hands. I. Friday night came around quickly and when Judy and her husband picked us up my wife introduced them to me, and on the way there I noted Judy?s husbands eyes were glued on my wife?s tits. We where greeted at the door and asked to put our car keys in a bowl. We entered a room full of couples and just standing around drinking and talking, Judy brought us a drink introduced us to the group. After a while, the host said it? s time and we were taken to a large room with mattresses lined around the. Is this who we are? Is this what we’ve become?”I looked at Sue, feeling her words were accusing me of causing this. She immediately saw my hurt look. “I’m not saying that, honey. We did this together. We both knew what we were getting into. You never forced me to do anything that I didn’t want to do.”She saw I was still hurting and blaming myself. “Pete, we both did this! We’ve both played this game for years. It wasn’t just you.”“But it was my fantasy. I’m the one to blame.”“Stop beating.

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