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His cock had refilled with blood and he entered her wetness easily, the tip bumping her cervix before his balls could slap her ass. She never hesitate... and grabbed him, high on his thighs, “Give me all of it, Pops! Fuck my fucking pussy as deep as you fucking can! I don’t care if it fucking hurts, just fuck the shit out of me!”He did… this time it took close to ten minutes to bust his hot load. Less than two hours later, after waking the girl by sucking her clit, he planted another round of. One was her leash and she turned her head for him to clip it to her collar. "There, almost perfect...just one last thing" he marveled and squeezed a painful looking device attached to the other chain, a spider nipple clamp with many sharp points to dig into the tender flesh of her most sensitive nipples. The clamps were custom made, purple, and were adorned with diamonds and amethysts. They were really quite beautiful and glimmered in the light as she would walk, the weighted chain swinging. I suggested a three-way (conversation, that is), and soon we set it up.We started talking about fantasies, and Mary was hinting that she wanted to spend some personal time with me. I sent them one of my stories ("Developers" if you want to look it up), and asked Daryl what his fantasy was. He said that he wanted to do a threesome, with him in the middle. I wanted to go down on Mary, because I almost constantly fantasized about her body. I wasn't sure if I could get Carol in on this, but I. ’I was on a lounge, my breasts and cunt bare, one man holding my hair, the other man’s hands on my knees. Their words rang in my ears.Is the slut wet?Such an erotic animal.She’s ripe and ready for fucking.The obscenity of his words made me jump and squirm, feeling desperately exposed with my legs held wide apart, my cunt exposed by my crotchless panties for anyone who wanted to look. His words were embarrassingly true. I could feel how wet my cunt was, hot and needy.The man kept talking. ‘The.

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