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With his other hand, he squeezed my boobs very hard, digging the fingers into my soft meat. All the while, he made me look at the mirror, showing me he was doing. He said “I will fuck your face and boobs today, tomorrow, I will tear open your choot, and then.” He then kneeled on the bed, and made me face him, his fat lund was swinging in front of my face. He slapped my face hard, first with his hands and then with his long, smelly lund, poking it into my cheeks, eyes and all over my face.. Tring…Tring…S: (Picking up the phone). Hello Sridevi here.L: Hello Manni (Brahmins call their elder brother’s wife as ‘Manni’, the equivalent of Bhabhi/Anni). Linga pesaren (Linga speaking)S: Theriyum Linga. Eppadi irukka? Enna vishayam (I Know Linga. How are you? Whats up?)L: Amma sweets pannirukkaa. Kudukka sonna. So ippo anga varalaamaa? Anna irukkaaraa? (Mom made some sweets. She asked me to hand it over to you. So, can I come now? Is my elder brother there?)S: Anna illa da. Avar tour poi. Jeff was amazed by how wet Jenny was and started to build a steady rhythm of long deep strokes then changing to short strokes before going back to the long strokes. Having already cum once Jeff was able to keep going for much longer than usual. After about 15 mins of solid hard fucking Jenny came for a third time and old Jeff could feel his seed boiling up in his balls again. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold out for much longer now. He squeezed Jenny's arse and pumped her harder a few more. Fortunately, I could recover fast enough that I would be Able to keep on fucking her, nonstop. After that first orgasm I was able to just keep on thrusting without ever going completely soft. This had always bothered me greatly, but Glory never mentioned it, so I just continued to slide in and out of her. It would take long enough for me to reach a second climax that she usually was able to come with me when I shot for the second time. If we decided to go for a second round, I would be calm.

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