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With the exception of breasts and some curves she was his height and build, so he knew everything she owned would fit him well. The problem was that s...e didn't own too many of the things that he really wanted to wear, so he made the decision to go shopping.He had been saving his money from his part-time job for the last several months so he could pay in cash and not write a check. Now there would be there nothing that bore his name and address on it. So his only major concern was being seen. She heard Master walk toward the bed and then felt him slap her ass hard. “I did not tell you that you could lay down. Get back on your knees” “Please, Master, I need to go pee.” He again slapped her ass hard. “I did not give you permission to talk, slave. Get on your knees, NOW!” She got to her knees and she heard a noise behind her, as if Master was pushing a machine around. She tried to look around but discovered that a curtain had been put up that blocked her view. Her arms and legs. She leaned over, her tail raised high for everyone else to get a delightful look at her assets while she purred in his ear, "Syrano, why do you look so embarrassed?"The Fox gave the Ocelot a sheepish grin, "M'lady, although I may be a wizard's apprentice, and have presented myself to my Master many times," he replied, "I and Master Arthur are of a hermitic order, and I am not accustomed to being exposed skyclad amidst strangers."Olivia smiled and ran her paw down Syrano's back and over his cute. “Will this do?”“For sure!” said Gabriel, attaching it to his iphone. Michelle plugged the other end into her notebook, and Gabriel could see that his phone was now charging. It wouldn’t be long before he’d be able to use it again. “This is really nice of you,” he said. “But aren’t you afraid it will take away too much power? Suppose you run out?”“Not a problem,” said Michelle. “It’s a Lenova, and my husband got it for me for when I’m travelling. It’s got an insane amount of battery life.”“Can I.

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