She took a couple of steps closer but couldn't tell. Then Andy moaned and turned away from her. She felt disappointed and relieved.As she busied herse...f straightening up the cabin as quietly as possible, she had time to think about what had just happened. While she was embarrassed about it, it did not make her feel as bad as she thought it should. In fact, she felt good about the fact that she could have something like that happen and not feel totally guilty. She had felt her son's hand on her. My arm was firm around her waist, not letting her move. She tilted her head to the side as she felt my breath on her neck. My lips brushed softly over her skin. She glanced down and watched my skin against her own. It was a little darker than her own and felt so good. She watched, not blinking, as I took her nipple in my fingers. I pulled them and twisted them. I knew how this affected her. She could feel it in her lower stomach and between her legs. I lifted the arm around her waist and. I laid on my back, she could see how wet my dick was with her juice, she couldn't help herself, she opened my legs, knelt in between them and put her lips round it. I moaned loudly as she put as much as she could in her mouth, fuck, that turned me on.As she sucked me, she could taste the mix of our bodies together. She stopped and moved and kissed me, letting me taste both of us on her lips.Carrie straddled me, she wanted my dick back inside her. She teased the end of my cock with her swollen. She’d watched them mass in ranks and then scatter, moving away from each other. The first few times, she’d immediately gone unseen, certain they’d seen her even from afar.Thankfully, she’d been wrong each time.She had not been the cause of the men scattering. Instead, she’d watched them, horrified, as they took off their armor and the hard, thick padding beneath their armor. Quickly but carefully, they’d piled their armor beside them, their hands trembling in their haste. Almost fascinated in.

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