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‘I told him it wasn’t fair Mike not knowing he knew, not fair on Mike and not fair on me, or Lena for that matter.’ ‘But everyone will know, I...will be so ashamed.’ ‘No one will know but us. Gianna,’ I said readying her for the last revelation, ‘Guy and Mike know, they’ve acknowledged each other as father and son.’ ‘Oh no, no, no. My shame!!’ Again she began to sob. I hugged her tightly, ‘Gianna, Gianna, I told you, no one will know but us. Guy vowed not to let it be known, even at the wedding,. I wasso aroused and his dirty talk made be beg for it. Thenit happened, I was orgasming for the third time thatday. I was well and truly fucked by this stranger. Hehad had me completely. Afterwards, my hubby looked shell shocked by it all.As we all dressed, the man gave us his phone number,we gave him a false one. Then we went for a drink, all3 of us.**I’d had an incredible evening, first the adult cinemaexperience, then car-sex with the big fat old guygetting his first sex in ages, and. Carl raised his glass. "I'd like to propose a toast to the three of us; 'the eternal triangle'. Or do I mean 'the equilateral triangle'?" He smiled at both of us.Kelly, catching the mood at once, did likewise. "The Bermuda Triangle."I wasn't about to be outdone, either. "Trafalgar Triangle!"It was Kelly that asked the inevitable question. "Surely you mean square?" No, Kelly, of course not. How can you have a square triangle?"This was getting a bit silly but it was a sign that the former tension. At first it was pleasant, but he seemed to change into a cannibal as he started nibbling, then sucking harder so it became painful. “Ow!” She yelped. “Sorry,” was the apology he gave, though the way he said it made it seem like he didn’t really give a rats ass. The dark man continued to suck her breasts painfully. “So lets see what else that tongue of yours can do,” the deep voice said after a minute or two. Crystals heart skipped a beat. Again the voice sounded like an order rather than.

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