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With you on your back, I lift you up by your butt again and thrust powerfully into you, the sounds of my cock slurping in and out of you loud enough f...r all to hear, but neither of us cares. Finally, you can sense that I ready to come again and I do, powerfully into you, those hot jets squirting deep into you, bringing you to yet another orgasm. We collapse on the bed, breathing frantically, my cock still inside of you. You roll me over and lay your body on mine, kissing my neck and ears as I. What you and Stan did was really nice."Elaine walked back behind her desk and sat down. Anne had a peculiar look on her face for a moment, then it cleared and she went on into the lab to get started on her day.Denise was late arriving at The Firm that Monday. Elaine saw her, called out "Hi there, Denise! How was the holiday?" before noticing the bloodshot eyes, the fatigue around them and the set expression on her face.Denise was not happy. Jim hadn't called, and his phone seemed to be out of. Susan smiled with an audible “Mmmm…”as their breasts became snugly enmeshed. Standingbehind my pretty wife, I unzipped her slim businessskirt and lowered it gently down her long lovely legs.After I knelt to tug down her delicately laced oystersatin half slip, she lifted her feet one at time,freeing the skirts. I carefully hung the jacket andskirt in her closet and deposited the slinky half slipin the hamper. When I returned, the two women were oncemore locked in a long wet. She angled him down slightly, easing the dripping vise of her cunt down on him at an agonizingly slow pace until soft hot silk surrounded every inch of him. He groaned as she started to ride him, pausing briefly to tuck her skirt up into her waistband before she continued. That gave her access to her clit, protruding slightly from between her lips. Quinn watched her rub circles around the small pink button, and she leaned back so he could see his cock disappearing into her as well. As her core.

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