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They each wondered if they were becoming addicted to sex. They reasoned that if they were, it was the best feeling in the world. They knew what the was thinking and both laughed. Alex sunk into her and Allie gripped his back with her fingers.Alex pulled back out of her almost all the way and pushed back into her. He continued to fuck his sister as she moaned and whimpered every time his pubic bone met hers. Allie held his chest next to hers as he fucked her. She wanted his hips to have. Working his cock to give him the relief he so badly needed. As the sun sank lower, the only sounds were the fapping noises of her jacking him off, the waves lapping on the shore, and the occasional squawking of a sea gull flying overhead.All the while she was jacking him off, her wide eyes kept darting between his face and the hard cock in her stroking hand. She licked her lips in anticipation of his impending orgasm, her fist steadily sliding up and down his shaft. Eventually the man's. We started locking our lips and smooched her for 10-15 min without break; she was getting out of control and pressed her hand over my dick. I was kissing all over her face, neck, eating her ears and kissing below it bcoz I know its one of the most turning point of a woman. I pulled out her T shirt and Jeans and she was in her bra & panty looking gr8, I also got comfortable in my silk boxer. I laid her on bed and started kissing her and pressing her breasts. She was moaning loudly ‘ohhhhhh’ yes. The heft of his body and the force of his thrusting hips pushed her deep into the pillowtop mattress and she grabbed his firm ass cheeks as if they were a life raft and she was about to drown. Her big natural tits jiggled and her thick belly shook.She had learned to hate her body over the years. She'd been a trim 110lbs on her wedding day but 2 c***dren and twenty years with little hard exercise had taken a toll and she had weighed over 170lbs for the last seven plus years. Jeremy claimed to.

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