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I felt like a snared rabbit with a wolf circling me. He was appraising my figure, I was sure of it. My breathing quickened, and I could feel my cheeks...burning red.“Do you trust me?” he asked. It sounded more like a statement than a question though.“Yes.”I could feel his presence in front of me. He was standing silent a few moments before he said “Undress me.”I raised my arms slowly, hands outstretched. I found his stomach. His shirt was soft, but his abdomen was firm. His build was between lean. Gerry stepped forward and kissed her,"Are you ok sweetheart?" and Karen loved him for that one little question."Yes, I'm fine, thank you - - - Dad" and he beamed with pleasure."Thank you sir" the porter looked at the twenty pound note Steven had pressed into his hand "Thank you very much"Steven closed the door and wheeled the heavily laden trolley into the middle of the room,"Here we go ladies" he laughed, "Champagne, champagne and more champagne!"His mother took her hand from between his. It isn’t past, is it? Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.”“Ashley, please let me tell you about it before you decide that. I really want you to meet all my family first.”“Okay. You promised to be straight with me and the least I can do is listen to the story. Cole, please tell me my heart ain’t gonna be broken.”“Ashley, honey, I will never intentionally do or say anything to hurt you. But if that interferes with my pledge to be honest with you, I have to choose honesty.”She leaned against me. Dad’s Dad was the WW2 version of Rambo.”Dahlia asks, “What do you mean, Rambo?”“He was sent into the Aleutian’s behind enemy lines and worked alone, as a sniper. He is the Grandpa that just moved here with Dick. Do you know how our government claims we have never sent a conscripted soldier to war? That is a lie. Our government started conscripting soldiers in WW2. The units they were formed into never left Canada. After basic training, all the best shooters weren’t sent to infantry school with.

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