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And I got emails from remote acquaintances: "Who IS your wife? Mine can't stop talking about her." All I could do was smile and offer an abbreviated v...rsion of the story. It wouldn't do my normally staid image to tell people how my heart did flip-flops every time I thought "Nikki is my WIFE!" Middle-aged engineers aren't supposed to ga-ga about fifteen year olds., and I was married to one.But back to the conversation."I talked with the bunch about the community," she announced."How did that. I had about decided that the thing to do was to approach the problem with a shotgun approach. We could get Mike to rig us a remote surveillance camera. Then Martin could plant it at the edge of the woods. It would be the first prong of our pitchfork.Then we could continue with out plan to trap the Atwoods with our little scam. One of them might work, even if the other didn't. I was deep in thought about that, when I saw Martin turn serious. It is the only way I can describe the look on his. She was moaning heavily with the pain of crushing & biting and pleasure of sucking. then i moved to another boob ans was sucking and biting the nipple.slowly i came down and removed her panty,Her pussy was oozing with her love juice, I licked it off and started tongue fucking her. I was swirling my tongue deep inside her pussy.She was moaning heavily, and then i thought of adding some more spice to our romance. Quickly i went to the refrigerator and brought a cup of strawberry ice cream; i put. It had to have looked very similar to my pussy. But, my mind couldn’t register too much on that obscene appearance as the knot behind me bumped against my pussy and requiring my attention to it. As the knots were coming out of my pussy easier, this one also went in easier.My eyes were less focused as I became more inwardly focused on the experiences of my body and the electric-like impulses flashing along nerves ending at my nipples, clit, and pussy. But, I did register another dog (the last.

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