.ING” Each wave was like a small orgasm in itself. This was so different from last night it was never-ending. I couldn’t even scream I was to busy...trying to catch my breath. My pussy had collapsed on her fingers trapping them in my velvet vice. I was lost each wave made my pussy tighter as the rest of me grew limp. My clit began to feel as if it were on fire it was so sensitive. I pushed at my mothers head instead of trying to draw her in I wanted her to let go. In the middle of my orgasm I. ’ I realizedat once who she was talking about. The one that had gotten her pregnant nineteen years before with me and then dumped her. The one that had never had anything to do with me. ‘I only have one father. His name is Ron. He’s a dentist. His wife is your friend, Allison. No other father ever wanted me.’ I said, the anger in my voice showing. ‘I… I thought that is how you would feel. I feel the same. Well, I hope you and Mike can grow close, too, of course.’ She smiled at Dr. Riley, then. I volunteered preparing some of their drinks, as I had a few drinks myself, which made me feel tipsy and very relaxed, enough to make me not notice flashing under my dress in the way I was moving.I only had a pair of G-strings panties under that short dress, which did not hide much of my body when my dress revealed what was under it, at the beginning I noticed some eye sights browsing under my dress or over my top looking for more of my body to see.But later on, it was kind of a normal thing as. Most of Priscilla's mind, however, was trying, so to speak, to wrap itself around the realization of how a caning by the headmaster was, in fact, so deliberately designed to cause such severe damage to her friend's bottom ... and to hers.Despite her flurry of conversations with Anna and despite the glances at cane-marked bottoms she had allowed herself in the changing room, she had not really grasped the idea of how a stroke of the cane could be administered across a helpless bottom with such.

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