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I was just 5 years old at the time and my parents even had to explain why my brother was leaving home. I thought he hated me.As I began to grow, I lea...ned all these things were normal and I slowly inured to the new concept of being an only child, at home.Jason started a family immediately (I think he married because his girl was carrying his baby) and before I was even seven, I was an uncle.I saw very little of my brother after that, except at cookouts and the like, and it suited me just fine. The only thing I could say was O.M.G. he had to be at least 10 inches long and as thick as a cucumber plus it was the same thickness from tip to base, happy now slut he asked are you ready for it and with that the niceties were over as he positioned it back into my pussy and started to push even though I was more prepared for his size it still hurt as he pushed it in and stretched me, it didn’t seem like it was ever going to stop as inch after inch worked its way into my wet hole, finally with. This felt really good to us both because as we were kissing we were both humping our privates together making us more and more horny. After a few minutes of this Lisa asked if I wanted to have sex, and well....of course I did! She said ok, but she would be on top! I said ok and rolled on my back. She immediately straddled my pelvis and grabbed my dick. She slowly stuck the head of my dick into her pussy, and inch by inch at a snails pace! My beautiful cousin impaled herself on my little dick!. He mauled her tits with his hands and locked his lips around hers. Bella almost vomited at Ron’s breath, but he continued to kiss her. And after a while she started kissing him back. He was being so rough with her tits. “Oh you like that you dirty little dick tease.” He said as he squeezed her boobs with force and stuck his tongue down her throatAnd for some inexplicable reason.. Bella did like it. She started moaning. Ron couldn't believe what was going on. Bella slid his tidy whities down and.

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