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I then slipped on some green stiletto heels.I staggered outside, where Bill was waiting. Mmm, I felt so slutty. Bill came around and opened the door to the truck. I stumbled and fell briefly in his arms. I was in somewhat of a drunken stupor, like a dream state where I didn’t completely know what was going on, but I was guided by my fantasy of being such a slut tonight.I giggled.“Thanks for catching me baby. Mmm, you’re so cute”, I said. He had reached around and was caressing my ass.. Cumming hard, whimpering and sobbing its so good. 'Oh yes baby girl, use Daddy, make it feel good darling Keri'! I let you fuck me till I cannot stand it myself. I roll you over, put it back in you. Trying to keep control but as you raise your legs, take me deep I fuck my baby girl. I fuck you so hard. Your pretty head bouncing on the pillow, my body sweating from the energy I am pounding into your body. Moving you, thrusting hard and so deep, your beautiful breasts bouncing in rhythm to my. "Please, Brian."I got her some more Tramadol and some water and was heading back to the sofa when she spoke. "Brian, would you just hold me for a while?" Sure," I replied and went back to the bed and cuddled her in, being careful not to squeeze too tight.Next thing I knew, I was awoken from a fairly erotic dream of me washing down an OK Frances by my alarm. I also realised that I had an erection and that as we were still cuddled spoon like it was pressing into her shapely rear."I have to go to. “So I slipped a couple of sleeping pills into that nosy nanny’s coffee and made a run for it.”“So you ran away? I guess that will prove how mature you are!”“Right!” she said, clearly missing my sarcasm. “That will show them!”“And you came here – to me!”“Yeah! You’re the only friend I’ve got left, Freeman. Those other bitches totally shafted me. I knew you’d help me out.”“I’m not your friend, Laura. My sister...”“Don’t talk to me about your sister,” Laura cut me off. “She’s totally cracked. But.

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