”So thick,” she whispered. ”And hard like steel.””Thanks to you,” I replied. ”You turn me on something fierce.”She looked up me with a...big smile and blazing green eyes. She kept her eyes on mine as she dropped to her knees and ran her tongue over the swollen purplish head. She licked along the shaft, her tongue swirling, and licked the pearly drops from the tip. Her mouth covered the throbbing head and pushed down the hard shaft. She sucked slowly, her eyes still on mine, and put her hands on. She just looked at them, smiled, spread my ass with both hands and guided the strap-on into my waiting hole.As she held my ass open, my girlfriend slowly started fucking me. The other three girls were clearly interested as they whispered to themselves and stared at my ass getting fucked. My girlfriend asked them if they believed now that I’d taken 20 cocks, none of them spoke. After a few minutes, one of them walked around, got on her knees under me and started stroking my cock. She put it in. Groaning with desire, I begin rocking up and down. My left knee helping me buck up.Adding another finger, pumping in and out of me as your pointy tongue begins stabbing into me. Soft, wicked little forays into my ass. My fingers tweaking and pressing hard against my clit. "Oh, yes. Baby, please."Moaning incoherently the closer I get. My body begins bouncing against the bed, your fingers, my fingers, your tongue. Breath slamming in and out of me, mewling with need.Body tightening, breathless. She was dressed in loose-fitting green robes, and Snatch could tell just by looking at her that the robes were all she was dressed in. She had long, green hair and oddly bright green eyes. She gave a charming smile, raising an eyebrow. ‘Hi! Are you passing through this forest?’ Snatch stared at her. Something about her unnerved him, and he was one to trust his instincts. Still, no sense in making enemies. Besides, she obviously wasn’t a Gray Wraith—her hair was the wrong color. ‘That’s right.’.

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