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We started to watch a film and this one was about a transsexual getting used by two guys and I realised this was going to be my fate, soon Gary who w...s sat next to me on the sofa said he was going to cum and turned towards me and shot his thick cum all over my stockings it was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me and had me shooting my own load over myself, then Phil and Tommy gathered around me and started to cum and shot ribbon after ribbon of thick juicy spunk all over my. Then they got up and started undressing themselves i also got up and remove my clothes, i must admit they had heavenly bodies and my cock was standing atleast at an angle 110 degree and was so hard that you can break a nut with it. Then they turned me over on the couch and started kissing and biting my buttocks, one of them started messaging my ass hole with her index finger, after a while they turned me over and one of them sat on my mouth and shoved her wet pussy on my face and i started. ...I was in the middle and had a cock in each hand. They said we would just play around a bit then go to Walter's place later. I was looking around and there were a bunch of guys sitting alone, and a several more sitting together, and every once in a while one would lean down to suck his friends cock. I noticed a couple guys fucking also. Lou got up and went over to some guy he knew, so I focused on Walter's cock as he focused on mine. I was having a great time here and told him so. He smiled. Oh but it's worth it when I feel you there." She was taking short sharp jerky breaths, her tongue working overtime between her lips. "Ooohhhh, oooohhhhh, ooooohhhhhh Justin how could you have learnt so much so quickly? You animal, you prick, you fucking bastard, I've never ever felt as horny as this. I think that if you don't fuck me now I'm gonna die."I decided to take pity on her, so I moved back slightly, positioned my penis and with one savage thrust speared it into her."OH FUUCCCKKKK,.

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