”“Welcome indeed Specialist. As you can see we are receiving material and I guess additional personnel as well. I am not sure my XO has the time t... show you to your quarters right away, but if you don’t mind waiting a little I show you myself.”SHIPs avatar popped up and she said.”Captain I can show her, luckily I can be at more than one place at the same time.”“Perfect, Specialist Noleii, this is our SHIPs AI but she is also a crew member. I am sure she can explain you the details while she. She licked his balls then went back to the cock and started to suck him taking his cock deep in her mouth. She sucked him hard and he grabbed her head and shoved it all the way down on his cock. He held her tight to him so she could not move and just had to suck as he told her "Yes, you suck cock like a whore. You can take my big cock without even gagging. Now suck harder. Show off your cock sucking skills like a good slut." He held her tight to him as she sucked. When he was ready he filled. “I guess we’d better get going.”“I’m sure they won’t start without us,” he assured her.“Oh I’m sure they won’t start without you at least,” Barbara shot back, not wanting to give him an inch.“Well Alfred’s waiting,” Bruce calmly replied, thinking that he was right the first time when he said this was going to be a long, long night.“So tell me Bruce,” Victor Griffith asked from the other side of the table after dinner, when all the testimonials were done. “What do you make of this Batgirl the. Clint EllistonThe tiredness of the day melted away as I stared down at my sleeping daughters. Christie and Hikaru, born on the same day to different mothers, slept in their joint crib. They were four months old and so cute. Christie was ivory skinned like her mother, Melody, a tuft of sandy-blonde hair peeking out of the little hoodie she wore. Hikaru had the dusky-olive skin of her mother, Pam, her hair fine, black silk.“They are so beautiful,” Pam whispered, standing on my right, her arm.

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