“We had a party last year at his house on the French Rivera. It was amazing. It was the time that I got to know James the best,” one of the models...said coyly. Andre evaluated the look on her face and was sure that she meant that she had had sex with him. “Andre, you look shocked,” the other model commented. “What must you be thinking? I was not at that particular party, but reputation says that people tend to get to know each other very well at the parties that James Randal hosts.” She moved. Then, all of a sudden, a black van came racing towards him. The man in the passenger seat rolled down his window, and fired his Glock 17 at Hoan. Hoan swerved out of the way, as the 9mm bullet shattered the left side window in the second row of seats. Hoan reached for his 1911, and while driving, returned fire. Unfortunately, Hoan missed his first shot. Hoan continued to exchange fire with the gunman. Luckily, Hoan was an able driver, haven taken tactical driving courses It seemed the vans. You like that?" Rachel was whacking his left leg as Edward winched. It felt very painful. Rachel then positioned his cock so that it entered her Pagan pussy. Rachel fucked him and rode him as if he were a horse.Oh yeah, that feels good." Rachel was riding/fucking Edward and placed the beating crop next to his tied-up body. As she rode him, she was playing with his pierced nipples, twisting and pulling on the rings. Edward's body winched in pain and agony and tears flowed from his eyes. Rachel. Now the reverend ordered Garth to lie on his desk and place his head over hanging the edge; then the reverend stepped up and pushed his cock into Garth's eager mouth, meanwhile the reverend leaned forward and began sucking on Garth's seven inch cock. As they sucked on each other's cocks the reverend slipped a hand between Garth's cheeks and began probing his anal ring.Thinking this was an invitation for Garth to do the same, he slipped his own hand between the reverends arse cheeks and touched.

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